Our Beautiful History

Welcome to Royal Gold International, Inc.

RGI began 1975 in Liberia as Royal Gold Inc Corporation, an palm oil and gold buying and production company. After 5-6 years of increasing prosperity, palm oil prices collapsed, causing the company to falter and shift its focus from palm oil to gold. At the time of this transition, Sheikh Bassirou Kante Sr. was a director and CEO of Royal Gold Inc Corporation and co-founder of R G I Mining Corporation with funding from Ecobank Liberia Ltd, a merchant bank providing merger and acquisition and funding services to companies and firms in Liberia.

Mr. Kante newly formed company, developed the strategy for Royal Gold Inc Corporation to become a gold mining company. Royal Gold Inc Corp acquired RGIM in 2004 and Mr. Kante Jr and his his father were then asked to manage the new Royal Gold. The father and son team quickly pursued their new focus of becoming a gold operating company. By September 2005, the Company was actively pursuing acquisitions of gold producers and prospective exploration properties to achieve its goal of being a substantial gold producer and explorer.

The third civil war in Liberia West Africa in April 2006 caused the Kante family to relocate the company to Mali Bamako in other to keep the company growing and to refocus its business strategy. The Company looked for partners for its properties and focused on being a minority owner of interests in significant gold properties operated by major miners and villages around West Africa.

In the long run, this final tactic proved to be a very successful strategy. After several years, the company acquired Kiss Gold and Diamond International in New York USA which became the platform for today’s efficient royalty business model.

Mr. Kante Sr. served as President and CEO of Royal Gold International from 1975 to 2003;  as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer from 2005 to 2006; as Executive Chairman from 2006 to 2008 and having his son Mr. Kante Jr, taking over as CEO and Chairman from 2009 to present.

Upon Mr. Kante Sr.'s retirement, his son, President and Chief Executive Officer, commented that “his family was the driving force behind Royal Gold’s evolution from an palm oil and gold buying company to a gold exploration and production company and, ultimately, to one of the world’s largest royalty and streaming companies in West Africa. He was the architect of many of the Company’s original cornerstone gold transactions, including opening HQ in the USA after buying Kiss Gold And Diamond International. Royal Gold’s reputation for quality, diligence and professionalism is a direct reflection of Mr. Kante Sr.'s stewardship over the years, and we have greatly benefited from his keen insights and deep relationships within our business.”

Today, Royal Gold International is one of the leading precious metals, mining and gold export company in Mali, Ghana, Liberia and Sierra Leone, owning interests on several of most attractive gold mines in West Africa. The Company has grown significantly and currently has a portfolio consisting of 38 producing properties, 21 development stage properties, 40 evaluation properties, and 52 exploration stage properties. At the end of calendar 2015, precious metals reserves on properties subject to the Company's interests were approximately 76.1 million ounces of gold and 897.8 million ounces of silver. This compares to reserves of approximately 70.2 million ounces of gold and 914.3 million ounces of silver estimated as of 2019