Maximize Your Return

How to Invest in Gold

Financial advisors recommend that investors allocate 5% to 20% of their portfolio into precious metals to secure their assets and protect their money from rising inflation and a difficult world economy. Your exact percentage will vary, depending on your individual situation and investment goals.

Invest Like a Pro

Investment is serious business. Many investors are moving money out of the stock market and into precious metals.

Do it right and you can enjoy the benefits of a more secure long-term investment. Do it wrong, and you'll be back on the same roller-coaster ride of ups-and-downs that you are trying to get away from.

Asset Class Diversification

Stocks and Precious Metals are two different asset classes. Each class has its own advantages and disadvantages, but a diversified portfolio makes you less dependent on a single asset class for overall performance. When stocks and precious metals are combined into a single portfolio, a "non-correlated" asset is created. The "non-correlated" relationships of these two classes are ideal partners! When gold is rising stocks are generally falling in value, and vice versa.

Real Life Case Study

In April of 2010, two of our company biggest investors today both realized it was time to get off the roller coaster of the Stock Market and move a portion of their investment portfolio into gold and precious metals. To start off, each one had $350,000 to create a portfolio.

The two friends toke $250,000 each and acquires 8 kilograms of pure gold in the form of Dore Bars for just over $31,113 per Kilogram, less then the market rate at the time of purchase. They could have bought any type of stocks or bullion coins or bars – the price wouldn't have been the same as buying from us. Since all of their assets was in a single “class” they created a “correlated” portfolio.

After five years, the price of gold had risen to $1,232, an increase in price. The two initial investment of $250,000 is now valued at $320,320. This is certainly better than many stocks or other investment options over the same time period, but not exactly the returns he was hoping for, Truth be told, he was hoping for less.

With our company buyers have the option to become an investors, kick back and see their money work for them.

What Next

The next step is to contact one of our international locations to help uncover your risk tolerance, time frame and other key factors that will help determine how you should structure your portfolio. You will be giving information you can use to help you better understand Gold Metals Investment and we will work toward the objectives of making your money work for you.
We make our investors work smart not hard.