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Since 1975 Royal Gold International, Inc & R G International, LLC manages,  sells, and supplies precious metals globally as well as royalty investments, with a focus on gold and diamond mining with gold export from West Africa. The Company’s portfolio provides investors, buyers and sellers with a unique opportunity to capture value in gold and diamond mining sectors in West Africa without the risks associated with gold and diamond buying, selling and mining.

To acquire our mineral, Royal Gold international Inc purchases gold and diamond mines and partners with miners in Africa to enable our company mine effectively and produced unlimited amount of mineral to keep our investors, buyers and refineries with growth in our mining projects in Africa.

Royalties are obtained from gold miners in West Africa, local sellers and low skills miners. New royalties are generally created by providing funding to local miners in exchange for a royalty. Our gold and diamonds mines are purchased in agreement with local mining operators with excellent gold and diamond productions, in exchange for an upfront deposit payment, the right to purchase all or a portion of one or more metals produced from a mine, at a price determined for the life of the transaction by the purchase agreement.

Royal Gold International owns a large mining portfolio and royalties in West Africa. Approximately 90% of our reserves and revenue in fiscal 2016 was derived from West Africa, and 10% from South Africa, Uganda and Kenya.

Royal Gold International is based in United Arab Emirates, and is looking to begin trading on the Dubai Financial Market in 2022, under the symbol “RGIINC.”